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About Us

Corporate Bio

Leading companies already have set their sights on the customer as the key factor for delivering sustained and profitable revenue growth. Adopting a customer-driven approach to managing customer relationships will require companies to build a set of integrated CRM capabilities that can deliver real, bottom line results. Companies are rushing into implementing CRM solutions.

CustomerSoft is a developer and distributor of customer management and enterprise-wide Customer Relationship Management applications corporate headquatersand solutions designed to help companies increase both revenues and profits. The Company provides its customers with the ability to automate CRM functions across the enterprise utilizing a common customer record and customizable views for each organizational unit. The Company's products automate call centers, customer support and service, defect and asset tracking, sales and marketing management, problem management, user self-help, and e-mail response.



Don L. Brower

Mr. Brower is President and CEO of CustomerSoft and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company, as well as for establishing and implementing the company‚Äôs strategic direction. Mr. Brower has held executive level positions in public and private corporations, including both large multi-million dollar corporate environments and smaller rapidly growing entrepreneurial ones.   Mr. Brower has extensive experience in international business operations and strategic alliances with specific focus on customer relationship management and human resource solutions.

Recent Milestones

CustomerSoft has recently begun to expand and is now able to focus it's entire attention on Knowledge Learning and CRM offerings both in America ad around the world.